7-yr-old dancer has Simon saying “I absolutely loved it”

She just looks like a doll, and the delight of experiencing it all truly brought tears to my eyes.

Here is a fact about UK talent that we don’t commonly see. Judge Alessha Dixon went to a dance school where she looked for Skylard Bloom, a pretty young girl.

The front desk agent replies, “Studio one is upstairs.” Following Dixon as he enters the stage, the camera then pans across a room filled with yearning teenage dancers.

The females screamed when he opened the door and greeted everyone, with the exception of one whose jaw nearly touched the floor.

I’m therefore thrilled for you, Skylar. “Well, sweetheart.” Dixon kept talking.

It doesn’t really matter if many viewers thought it was all staged in order to make the little one happy, have fun, and demonstrate Skylar’s brilliance to the world.

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