Golden Buzzer Audition: Shea AMAZES Judges With This Cover of “Like My Father” | Canada’s Got Talent

Shea from Vancouver, BC has been singing her whole life. With her rendition of “Like My Father”, Shea, who immigrated from Hong Kong at the age of four, dedicates her song to her parents, who raised her as a child. As you can see she was strongly inspired by the love of her parents.

Golden Buzzer is something that does not happen every day. Getting on the stage this Asian young girl looked so sweet and cute that no one could even expect her to shock the audience and jury.

Music is one of the most beautiful things in the world for her. She could only remember her childhood filled with music. She had come with only her mom as her dad was away, but the distance did not disturb her to feel and get the support of her dad. You can see how proud her mother was. She even made her cry for a while.

The audience was so impressed that they started dancing. The jury liked the fact that even though she was just 14 years old she delivered the message better than most adults on the stage.
Her Golden Buzzer moment will forever change her life!

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