Hauntingly voiced teen stuns audiences with an Elvis classic

When the piano lets forth a few notes, everyone glances up and recognizes the music. The popular song “Can’t Help Falling In Love” by Elvis Presley is played and sung by 16-year-old Raffi Arto. His voice steadily permeates the space, sounding nothing like the voice of an ordinary adolescent. Strangely, the strength of his performance is comparable to that of Elvis at the time.

We realize that Raffi will be a very formidable rival as the song goes on. Nobody anticipated such a tender performance from a person so young, in my opinion. This kid is already a talented artist, and he’s not even old enough to drive yet.

Music has always been Raffi’s passion. It has been his life. He was always singing when he was a kid. Only six years old when he began playing the piano. Music is a major theme in most of his memories.

He exercised, played, or let his imagination run wild. He was always working in the music industry, and he never got bored of it.

Raffi laughed and said he didn’t count when asked in a recent interview how many hours a day he spends practicing music. In his early years, he played the piano for two or three hours every day, but on that particular day, for instance, he only played for an hour.

The teen claimed to be interested in other pursuits as well, like boxing and football, but he acknowledged having to put sports on hold as he prepared for his appearance on The Voice. He wants to make the most of this journey because he is aware that the play will be a fleeting experience in the context of his life.

Raffi has always had a natural talent for music, but he believes he has now advanced to a new level. Things are a little more challenging when you sing in front of so many people. He explains that performing every week in front of large crowds of people, both in the open and in front of their television, is difficult.

He even acknowledges that he experienced stage fright before performing. In either case, his anxiety is not at all contagious. He has a laid-back demeanor when performing, and the crowd appears captivated. His anxiety is completely undetectable.

From the treble to his perfect vibrato, he gives an outstanding performance. Along with amazing technique, Raffi also possesses a genuine talent for grabbing the public’s attention. He has a great understanding of how to interact with his audience. He has amazing talent!

The crowd rises as one at the end of the song and roars in approval. Her performance of “Can’t Help Falling In Love” had the entire world enamored. If Raffi keeps giving performances like this, he will definitely succeed! Check out the video of him below.

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